Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can you hear us now?

We sent out an update to all of the good neighbors that have asked to be on volunteer list last week. We have had a few people tell us they don't get any emails from We've Got Time to Help. WGTTH sends out email updates every week or so. In the last update email we asked people to respond if they were receiving our emails. We received about 15 responses. We have a lot more than 15 on our good neighbor email list. A lot more. So we are wondering if people who have requested to get updates are not getting them.
For example, Michelle does not get all the update emails at her work. She gets the emails going to the group but does not get any direct emails from WGTTH or any replies to all. She has questioned the IS guys at her company but they have no idea why she will get a few but not all. Michelle is not the only one. That concerns us as you have specifically requested to get our emails but we are not sure you are receiving them.

If you have requested to receive emails from us but did not receive one dated May 31st please email or call us at 503-953-6018 immediately!!

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