Monday, November 9, 2009

Share your stories

Over the last couple of months, and especially since the Guidepost article came out, we have been keeping really busy. There are lots of big and small projects going on that have needed a lot of attention. We can always use more help, if you've got time.

There are so many good things going on during these dark times, but they are hard to see sometimes. It's hard to see and find the wonderful things going on when everyday is a struggle just to survive and to put food on your table.

We have met so many amazing people over the last many months and heard so many inspiring stories. It has been such a privilege to work side-by-side with everyone. To see strangers helping each other in their greatest time of need. We are lucky enough to get to see and hear these stories everyday.

What we would love to do is to share real-life stories with as many people as possible. The more hope you can see and hear, the more hope you take with you.

So please, share with us your stories of hope and caring. Tell us your story of lending someone a hand. Or, share with us a story of someone you saw giving selflessly. Let us know about the good things that you see going on around you.

The stories are there, sometimes you just have to be ready to see it.

Good luck and we can't wait to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

This wasn't something I did but it was some I witnessed recently and it made me second guess my expectations. I apologize for the long post but it struck a cord with me. I was at the local convenient store and a big SUV rolled up with the windows down and the hip hop music blaring. A young guy got out with a saggy pants, hat backwards, big baggy coat and a swagger. My first thought was thug. As he approached the door an elderly gentleman was approaching as well. The person I had labeled as a thug rushed to get to the door before the elderly man. He pulled open the door and stood back waiting for the elderly man and said "After you sir". The elderly gentleman said “Thank you” and nodded. The afore mentioned thug smiled and said “you’re welcome”. I was quick to judge based on appearance and saw a respect for others that is not commonly shown and was totally unexpected here. I just wanted to share and say these little things happen all the time when we are looking for them instead of looking or expecting the worst. I will try to look for the good in all going forward.