Thursday, March 25, 2010

We've still Got Time to Help!

As a lot of you know, I (Seth) was laid off 15 months ago and, just like millions of others, haven't been able to find work since. We have struggled financially for over a year now and the situation was becoming more bleak by the day.

So, after much deliberation and planning, we have decided to open our own business. It just seemed like the right time and the right thing to do. I don't know how many of you know, but Michelle and I are bird watchers. We have been feeding and watching birds for many years now. We have also been making our own suet (a type of food for birds) for years. We have spent the last few months perfecting our recipe and finding suppliers, getting licences, setting up a website (NePo Suet Company), etc. etc. We are now set up and selling our suet online and in a couple of stores in Portland. We have received a lot of orders from all over the country and business is picking up every day. We feel very lucky to have this up and running.

The reason for us writing this post it to make sure that people still know we are around. Yes, we are still here. We are still helping people on a regular basis. We just haven't been very good about posting lately. We have had many smaller projects going on over the last couple of months, just nothing on a large scale. There are some projects coming up in the not so distant future that will be on a fairly large scale.

There will soon be a community revitalizing project going on in a NE neighborhood that will need a lot of support and as many neighbors as we can get to help. As soon as we get some more info, we will let everyone know the details. It should be a very fun and worthwhile project!

So, thank you to everyone who continues to help their neighbors. Thank you to everyone who helps to make our community a better place to live. Thank you to everyone that lends a hand to someone that is needs. Thank you to everyone to who continues to spread hope.

Seth and Michelle

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M Fong said...

Hey Seth and Michelle,
Please know that you continue to be an inspiration to others. You may never know how far the ripples will spread! Best of luck to you in your new endeavor.

Mindy Lu said...

Hi Seth, I just ran across last years article in the guidepost and was cheering as I read about your situation and where it led you. I too was laid off Sept 09 and shortly after started volunteering after I did my job searches. I LOVE LOVE helping others. Through that, I have picked up a few side jobs as people have discovered my gift of organizing. Yet, I keep volunteering with any free time I have. Publicly encouraging others is an AWESOME idea. I have always thought it would be cool if part of unemployment required at least one day a week of volunteer work. How much would get done in this country? Keep up your posting!- Mindy

Mindy Lu said...

Hi again, I forgot to ad, that being laid off from construction when building slowed down, led my husband to starting his own Handyman business and then getting his contractors license. We look at the layoff as a blessing we would never have received otherswise. Good luck with your new business. - M