Monday, March 16, 2009

DonorsResource - Della Rae and What She Means to Us

One of the first people who contacted us when we started this movement was Della Rae. She is the Founder/Director of She heard us on KBOO and believed in us and our cause. She contacted us and offered all of her valuable resources. She has educated us on so many things. Who thought being a community organization could be so much work!!

Last week Della Rae was interviewed on KBOO and we just want everyone to know what a great asset she is to all of our communities!!

For anyone who is interested, please listen to the following interview with Della Rae. We would not be where we are without Della Rae and Donorsresource's knowledge. We thank both the person and the organization.

And, thanks once again, to Bridget. She volunteers her time in Portland at KBOO and for so many other great causes. Bridget-You do so much for others...What would we do without you??

We thank Della Rae,, KBOO and Bridget B for all of the wonderful things you do to bring people together and to bring hope.

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