Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Project this weekend, Sat the 21st!

UPDATE: If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands today, and you would like to come out and help us, please call 503-953-6018 as we will be on site and not near our email. Thanks to all!

We have had a big call for help from some neighbors who live in Troutdale. They lost 5 sections of fencing, a gate and had a tree fall onto some of the fence.

They are buying all of the materials this week, but they need some good old-fashioned labor. Lots of hands on this project for sure. The more the better, we think. It would be great to get a couple of people who have done some wood working and concrete along for the ride!

We also need a (at least one) person with a chainsaw(s). We need to move some of the tree so that we can fix the fence.

We are hoping that we can get at least 15 people out there this Saturday, come rain or shine!

Who's coming with us? Call Seth at 503-953-6018 for the address and directions.

Also, anyone that can offer rides to a couple of our volunteers, that would be great! We can take a couple, but we don't have a big vehicle. Thanks to all!!

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Riot Kitty said...

What an awesome thing to do! I will link you to my blog.

Have you e-mailed any local media about what you're doing? It sounds like a really neat idea.