Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paws to Freedom Take 2

Paws to Freedom was so impressed with We've Got Time to Help that they have requested our help again. Another kind person, who is closing their office, has donated some file cabinets and they have asked for our help picking them up near Barbur Blvd and Capital Highway and delivering them to Paws to Freedom in SE Portland.

Taking a break from helping dismantle the shop for project 8, Trevor and Michelle headed out to Beaverton to pick up the file cabinets. Upon arrival we realized the file cabinets were bigger than expected. There was a standard 4 drawer, a small two drawer and a behemoth 5 drawer lateral cabinet. Luckily, the person donating them had a hand cart to get them to the truck as we did not bring one. This thing was HUGE. The office was on the third floor but, thankfully, had an elevator. We wedged the large file cabinet in the elevator and thought we were good to go, but alas, the wheels of the hand cart were just sticking out enough to stop the inner door of the elevator from closing. It took a little pushing, pulling, maybe a little swearing, but we finally got the doors to close without us having to ride on top of the file cabinet.

When we arrived in SE Portland we stopped by the Safeway on Woodstock to see if they would let us borrow a hand truck to unload the file cabinets. They were completely agreeable but only had one that was currently being used to process their shipment. If we could wait until they were finished we could definitely borrow it. What a refreshing idea. There are still nice people out there.

Next we went to Bi-Mart with the same request. They stated they could not due to the liability issue. Enough said.

Our third attempt paid off.

We went to Ace Hardware on SE Woodstock in Portland. We spoke with Erin and after we explained who we were and what we were doing he offered to not charge for rental of the hand truck as long as we left a deposit that we could collect when the hand truck was returned.
That was great!! It made short work of unloading the truck. Honestly-we don't know what we would have done without Erin and Ace Hardware. Once again, it just goes to show that good people are out there. Thank you so much Erin. We couldn't have done it without your help. And thanks to Trevor who, once again, donated his truck, time and gas to help others.

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