Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paws to Freedom

James and Seth went to pick up the TV that was donated to Paws to Freedom. They went out to Hillsboro to get the TV and then delivered it to Paws to Freedom in the Sellwood area of SE.

Paws to Freedom is an all volunteer, non profit organization that teaches disabled people to train their own service animals. The TV will be used to watch training videos and help the disabled learn how to care for their dogs. It's a great program and we wish them all the best!

After the delivery was made, James noticed that there was a drain backed up right by Paws to Freedom's front door. He went to his truck, grabbed a crowbar and pulled the drain cover up. He then proceeded to empty the drain of all the sludge and make sure that it was unclogged. Pretty awesome!

Mara Windstar is the founder, director, and trainer at Paws to Freedom. She was very excited to get the TV and she said that she will put a link to We've Got Time to Help on her website!

Here are James and Seth moving the large TV into Paws to Freedom

Paws to Freedom Banner out front of their building.

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